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FIND THE WAY // Current Sites

Yours-Ever.net My Domain and my Collective. My new little home. You'll find all my sites on the network and some info about the webmistress (me).
English & Italian.

Come what may My Personal blog. All about this crazy but good girl. Come here!!!
Italian only.

The Flower Girl and the Soldier
The Official Aeris and Cloud Fanlisting from Final Fantasy VII; one of my favorite game from always.
English only

Until the end The Yours-Ever.net Forum. Where you'll find a lot of crazy people like me. Forum about Movies, Anime/Manga, Books, Music, Disign and much more. Join to us.

Italian only.

My little gBook Sign it, please! Tell me what you think about me... "nothing of good". I know.

YOU WILL FIND // Upcoming Sites

Open your eyes: My artworks archive; but not only. Collages, experiments, textures, layouts, fonts, scans and much more.

English & Italian.

De Rerum Deorum: My personal artworks, layouts, winamp skins, wallpapers, etc... about my favorite anime/manga: Saint Seiya.

English & Italian.

Heroes of the time: One of the biggest shrine in the world about the Gold Saint from the anime/manga "Saint Seiya". I'm crazy, I know.
Italian only.